How to run/install ID-Tasker for the first time?

When you run ID-Tasker for the first time – you’ll see a warning from your AntiVirus software about potential threat – it is a 100% false-positive – there is no virus in this tool – it’s just because AntiVirus programs can’t fully check EXE files so they only check “header” of the EXE file and report it as potential threat. You can upload ID-Tasker to any online AV checker to confirm that there is no threat. Please add ID-Tasker to a “white list” of your Anti Virus software.

You can also be blocked from installing ID-Tasker if you work in a corporate environment – that’s because your I.T. department most likely blocked you from running/installing EXE files from unknown sources – you need to contact your I.T. department and ask them to install it for you.

When starting ID-Tasker for the first time, you can receive a message “Can’t connect to InDesign”.

In this case you have two options – both based on the contents of the folders:

C:\ProgramData\Adobe\InDesign\Version XX.0\en_GB\Scripting Support\XX.0\


C:\Users\[name of your user account]\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\Version XX.0\en_GB\Scripting Support\XX.0\

where XX can be “18” – for 2023 CC or “19” – for the 2024 CC, and so on. en_GB is the language version of your istallation.

Requires downloading VBRegTLB6.exe program to register mentioned TLB file manually in your system:

Again, you will receive warning from your Anti Virus software – but it is again a false-positive.

Here is info what this tool is doing and how it works – it is perfectly safe to use:

After downloading and extracting it somewhere – C:\AdobeScripts\ folder would be a good start and place to keep it together with ID-Tasker or any other EXE tool from this website – you need to run it in “administrator” mode – SHIFT+CTRL+Click on VBRegTLB6.exe, then navigate to one of the mentioned earlier folders – the one with the latest version of TLB file – and register it.

If you receive error message that it failed – you need to TEMPORARILY disable UAC – to let this tool to register this TLB file – more info here:

After that, ID-Tasker – or any other EXE script from this website – should work and above process should be done only one time.

If you still have problems – please get in touch.