How to run/install script for the first time?

When you run script for the first time – you’ll see a warning from you AnntiVirus software about potentail threat – it is false-positive – there is no virus in the script – it’s just because AntiVirus programs can’t fully check EXE files so they only check “header” of the EXE file and report it as potenntial threat. You can upload any of the script found here to any online AV checker to confirm that there is no threat.

You can also be blocked from using/running script if you work in a corporate environment – 100% your I.T. blocked you from running/installing EXE files from unknown sources – you need to contact your I.T. team and ask them to install script for you.

If you receive a message from the script “Can’t connect to InDesign” – 1st and easiest step would be to run InDesign with SHIFT+CTRL+Click on the InDesign’s icon (to run it in the “administrator” mode) – to force proper registration of InDesign in the system as the Adobe CC installator is broken.

If above won’t help then there is another way to register InDesign in the system – you would need to download and use VBRegTLB6.exe program to register InDesign in your system:

Again, you will receive warning from your Anti Virus software – but it is again a false-positive.

Here is info what this tool is doing and how it works – it is perfectly safe to use:

After downloading and extracting it somewhere – C:\AdobeScripts\ folder would be a good start and place to keep scripts 😉 – you need to run it in “administrator” mode – SHIFT+CTRL+Click on VBRegTLB6.exe, then navigate to:

C:\ProgramData\Adobe\InDesign\Version 18.0\en_GB\Scripting Support\18.0\


C:\Users\[name of your user account]\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\Version 18.0\en_GB\Scripting Support\18.0\

the number 18.0 and language information en_GB can be different – please check your currently installed and active version of InDesign and select accordingly.

In one of those folders you will find “Resources for Visual Basic.tlb” – please select version that is most recent – and let this file to be registered.

If you receive error message – you need to TEMPORARILY disable UAC – to let this tool to register InDesign:

After that script(s) should work and this should be done only one time.




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