At some point, it must’ve happened…

So – it finally happened…

ID-Tasker for InDesign Server.

There are two main operating modes:

  • Master
  • Worker

Master – is responsible for distributing workloads between Workers.

There is always ONLY ONE Master – but you can have as many Workers as you need.

Each Worker is connected to a single Instance of InDesign Server.

But, there is also 3rd kind of an operating mode:

  • sub-Master

sub-Master sits in between of the Master and Worker(s).

You can have as may sub-Masters as you need.

The main advantage / use – to off-load Master.

Let’s say you have a Book, consisting of a few Chapters – separate INDD files. Master can send this job as a whole to the sub-Master and monitor it as a single job.

Depends on the size of the book – number of Chapters, number of Pages, complexity, available processing power, etc. – Master can let sub-Master use specified number of Workers.

Depends on how many Workers sub-Master is allowed to use – it can either deploy them all at once – or do Load Balancing.

When Worker is no longer needed – it can be “returned” to the Master so it can be used for new jobs.

There is also one more use for the sub-Master – in case you have multiple servers…

In that case – you can use sub-Master as a Master for specific server – but it will still communicate with the “main” Master – to receive new jobs, report status, progress, load, free resources, etc.

You can either monitor specific Master, sub-Master or Worker directly – by loggin in to the Workstation / Server – or through the Database and dedicated service – or they can generate their own Webpages – where you can monitor their progress.