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  • Word Documents, Footnotes, and Adobe InDesign

    Adobe InDesign offers the writer graphic design possibilities that Microsoft Word cannot match, but many writers use Word to compose the text of their documents. Fortunately, one can place Word documents in an InDesign document and then use InDesign’s expanded functionality. Converting a Word document to an InDesign document is straightforward, but there is a…

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  • To do list

    Math functions “>”, “<“, “+”, “-“, “*”, “/”, “%”, Round(), Mod(), etc. – to modify numerical values in custom columns – e.g. extract size/location, then use Round() or Mod() to align object’s size/location to the grid. String manipulation Custom columns Option to add new/custom columns in order to store a new information – or combination/part…

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  • Just added ID-Tasker for CS6

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