There are a lot of scripts, plugins and scripts pretending to be plugins … they can do things quicker than humans … but all of them have one big flaw – they were created for one job / workflow only and can’t do anything else.

But there is a good news – this kind of working in the InDesign is no loner necessary – at least on a PC & Windows … now is the time for you to do whatever you want the way you want … now is the time for you to optimise your workflow … no more waiting for a coder to create a new script or modify old one … now YOU can create your own Tasks from simple Rules … whatever you can click in the InDesign – you can use to build a Task … Task, that you can save and re-use at any moment …

Now you can focus on what is important in your life – delivering high quality products to your customers quicker – instead of repeating those same mundane clicks over and over again …

Any task that doesn’t require “human decision” can be automated – and even if it requires your interaction – you can always automate steps “before” & “after”.

Welcome to ID-Tasker – One Tool that does it all… and more.

Please check Documentation first.

It is still in a Beta stage – there are A LOT of functionality already implemented but a lot moreneeds to be added – you can download it below to give it a try – but once again – it is PC ONLY!!

Introducing ID-Tasker as a Service

If you don’t have time to learn how to use it – or you work on a Mac – or it’s a one-time-job – please get in touch with a description of what you need to achieve.
In less than 24h – usually less than 12h or it can be minutes, depends on the time difference – you’ll receive a free, no obligation quote.
To speed-up quotation process – please include links to screenshots of before and after or wait for a reply so you can e-mail them.
At this stage, example INDD files are not necessary.

If you let your file to be used in a video tutorial – your job could be done Free Of Charge or you’ll receive a full refund.


If you are interested in helping to improve ID-Tasker – please get in touch.
Simplest & easiest way would be to create a video – just record your screen – kind of “case study” – and if posted on AdobeScripts YouTube channel – you’ll get a license key for this tool for one week for free. Of course you can record video using demo version and then get full version for a week for free – free key can’t be exchanged for money.