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Introducing ID-Tasker Server Edition!!!

Please get in touch if you need custom tool for your workflow – especially, if you think that it can’t be automated…

  • Mixing Automatic & Custom Footnotes in InDesign

    When working on the text in WORD, you can inser Footnotes, simply by clicking on: And as described – inserted Footnotes will be automatically renumbered. But you can also insert – or rather convert – automatic Footnotes into Custom – when you select existing Footnote Reference and start typing, you’ll see a message: If you…

  • To do list

    Math functions “>”, “<“, “+”, “-“, “*”, “/”, “%”, Round(), Mod(), etc. – to modify numerical values in custom columns – e.g. extract size/location, then use Round() or Mod() to align object’s size/location to the grid. String manipulation Custom columns Option to add new/custom columns in order to store a new information – or combination/part…

  • Just added ID-Tasker for CS6

    Please visit https://adobescripts.com/docs/id-tasker/download-purchase/ Views: 202