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Download & Purchase

After downloading – please read FAQ Section.

To help you plan your budget and to let you save money – you can buy two kinds of “tokens” – monthly or weekly – and activation key will be only generated when you ask for it – so you can buy more tokens at once and save (bulk purchase) and use them when needed.

There will be an option to convert monthly tokens to weekly ones – 1x monthly token = 4x weekly tokens. All unused monthly tokens and non-converted weekly ones will be refunded in full.

As free version won’t let you load / save multiple Tasks and Batch Mode is also off – to get the key and enjoy full functionality, you need to press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and then click RightMouseButton somewhere in the red rectangle:

(Because ID-Tasker, by default, is set to be always “on top” (*) you need to move its window aside before or after executing this keyboard shortcut to see the ENTER KEY dialog)

(*) you can turn it off and then on by simply DoubleClicking LeftMouseButton in the same area

Then simply send the screenshot of this dialog and specify the Name – it can be your name or ID of the computer – in case you will be purchasing multiple keys for different machines from the same email address.

Tokens prices

As ID-Tasker is still in the beta stage – the introductory prices are as follows:

Weekly Token – £50

Monthly Token – £150

It might sound pricey – but if you take into consideration how much time you can save – it can pay for itself in less than 24h… or even few hours – depends on your hourly rate.

There is no automated purchase system yet so if you would like to buy token(s) – please get in touch.

For every 10x tokens – you’ll get 2x extra free.

Large volume Clients – e.g. Studios / Corporations – will benefit from an extra discount.

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